Thursday, June 14, 2007

lessons for the aspiring artist #002

In honor of schools end, I am posting a progress report of mine. Of particular interest may be the "comment" area. Believe me, this isn'tthe only one that I have that says something similar.....
I was reminded of the long past days of my education. Both academically and artistically, And honestly, what better place to learn how to draw than slumped over a sketchbook in the back of Ancient Civ.

If you choose to go this route, just be warned that you do run the risk of being 'made an example of' by the teacher. Or having your art crumpled and tossed by the teacher before the whole class. And why shouldn't they? It is, after all their class, and you are there to learn.
Not all teachers are enemies of the craft, mind you. You may find yourself deep in the system, outnumbered and alone, when you learn that, even in detention, you have a secret sympathiser high up the rank. Just make sure to share your fondness for all things cartoons and comics with that teacher, and you will have someone to go back and see after you graduate and get a job drawing comics. (Thanks Mr.Leventhal.)
Anyway, to be a successful artist; you must, must, must draw constantly. Yes, even in class. but only if you can pay attention to the teacher as well. You don't want to
be a dumb lout do you?
And who knows, you may never get to draw comics professionally, and the only job you can get is doing long division, then what? THEN WHAT?!?
You must posses wits to survive in this world as well, my friend.
So listen to your teachers and draw only when you are absolutely sure that they are not looking. oh....and do your homework.
And then you shall be a master of many a skill, with only the brightest of futures guiding you safely on.
Good luck, my friend.
Good luck.


  1. Well said, sir! And whatever you do, stay away from Art teachers with hidden agendas. Grrrrrr...!

  2. I always refer back to what one teacher said on a report card of mine when I was in grade school.
    "Brilliant studnet,bright, energetic and has the attention span of a tse fly."

  3. Mine always said "social butterfly". I think we are definitely in for it.

  4. I would imagine most of us had identical experiences in high school.

    Although I actually found an old standardized test that recommended I avoid art or writing and focus on math and engineering.