Thursday, September 13, 2007

GLC cover and sketches

Below are the thumbnails and the cover for the next GLC trade paperback. It didn't make the solicits and no one else has even seen it because well... I just did it!

The best thing about this cover is the warm fuzzy feeling I get knowing that Keith will be receiving his VERY OWN special warm and fuzzy feeling, just knowing there is ONE more drawing of R'amey Holl out there in the world.

"...And there was MUCH rejoicing . "



  1. Sweet!

    Now, go out there and spend some of that hard earned sooperstar penciler moolah and buy a bomber for me to customize already....

  2. Great Sinestro profile. You draw the best Guy - handsome and fiendishly sly! And congrats on the new office, you and Doug are two of my favs.

  3. Much rejoicing indeed! Look, Guy has all the fabulous GL women with him on that cover! No wonder he's smiling.

    And that's one heck of a scary Sinestro.

  4. Wow - Tom's inks really look great on your stuff. You should use him for the interiors sometime as well. Nice work!

  5. I feel so warm and fuzzy!

    Looking forward to seeing you at Fallcon, buddy!

  6. cant wait for fall con!
    just no 'cutting off the flow of blood to my head' this time.
    OK, Keith?