Friday, February 23, 2007

Schedule for NY

To settle things with those of who have asked me here in New York, I will be signing at the DC booth on Saturday from 4-5pm, and Sunday 10-11am.
Other than that I will be in Artist Alley doing sketches and selling original art.
See you there!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Green Lantern Corps #9 came out this week.
It's the last installment of Keith Champagnes story arc, and it is not to be missed.
A really great story made even better by the talented, capable and often frustrated hands of Moose, Prentis and Pete. Thank you everybody!
Why don't we get to have wrap parties like they do on movies and TV shows?
I guess maybe it's just because the work is never done. Oh well.
So, usually DC sends me a 20 copies or so of the latest issue. But for some reason this time I never got mine.
But that's OK. It gave me an excuse to make the trip to visit the best comic book shop in the world, The Source.
A truly great place. Made only better by the fact that it is staffed with some of the nicest, coolest, badest hombres you'd ever want hang around.
One of the first times I went there was after a bomb scare at my High school. We got out early and we drove down there where I purchased some comics and a Wild CATS poster. My friends and I started going there every week that we could. And pretty soon the guys there kind of took me in. Not that that's anything special for them. Truth is they'd treat most anybody this way, I just didn't know it.
It reminds me of the the early years of Henry Hill in Goodfellas. I was just some punk kid, and they were basically the working class mob.
I'd come in once a week, show them my stuff, they'd say "nice job kid, now run along." and I'd leave just before they whacked a guy in the back room for shoplifting.
I could go on and on with stories, but I best leave it for another time.
At any rate, I count myself fortunate to have such a cool place to go buy my comics.
...Even if it is my own.

Cheers guys.