Sunday, July 22, 2007

ZZZ's? Who needs em!

Well its 4am and I just wrapped up work for the day. Will I sleep now? NO! I think I'll go online!
And what should I find but a preview of GLC #14 up on good-o;' Newsarama!
Now I suppose I can sleep.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Robin cover/ Office Space (a very creative title, dont you think?)

I quite happy with how this Robin cover turned out. You may notice that it was originally one of the rejected thumbnail sketches from before. But hey,whaddayawant? I'm busy ovah heayah!

It's funny how much the color can change the over all look of a cover. Usually I prefer one version over the other, but I actually like both of these (for different reasons) equally as much.

In other super exciting comic book artist news; I recently moved into a studio/office
space with my friend and fellow artist DougMahnke . We've toyed around with the idea for a couple years, and decided to just stop whining about how pitiful and lonely we are all the time and just get it done.

Back when I couldn't get any real work, he took me in and payed me to help
him out on a bunch of DC stuff. We had a great time, and I learnedalot about this business just by watching him, and eavesdropping on his phone calls. What did I contribute? Why, I suppose I provided the proper ambiance with my little Sony boom box. Heh . I'll be using the same one at the new place. Its been awhile since Ive had the chance to annoy him with my ///ahem/// musical selection. It is quite varied, so we do find common ground, but from time to time, Doug hastruly hated me. but I suppose since our situations are improved, he may be more patient.

Yes, it will be a vast improvement. Doug and I have both worked in the basements our homes exclusively, and combined for almost 30 years. So the best part is now we are indeed, like the Jefferson's, movin' on up. But not to a dee-lux apartment in the sky, nope, just the second floor, but it is a corner office. It has great window space for people watching. Heh heh,
if only the unsuspecting masses outside knew they may become background extras in the next issue....they may.... care.. less... I suppose.

Anyway, its been great for production so far. Here's hoping we can keep it going.

Smell ya later.